For Those About to Squawk: Lord Dying, Musket Hawk, Whitechapel

What’s up, beak foos? It’s your old boy Waldo hitting you up again with all the new music that’s fit to love… or hate. So let’s get into it, shall we?

Portland’s Lord Dying are releasing their third, Mysterium Trendum. I’ve kinda always liked Lord Dying, their sludgy take on death metal seemed a little fresh to me. So, about this. This one is a hard one to digest here. So briefly this a concept record (sorta) based on dying and what exists for us after. This is layered and definitely shows a more diverse musical palate. There is not a lot of metal here, a lot of interludes stitching the tracks together. The second half of this record features acoustic passages (there are A LOT of clean vocals here) that kick in and hit the metal they are known for, but it’s fair to say that this record is very diverse. All in all, it’s a dark record and this birdbrain wishes that there was more “metal” here but all in all it’s pretty good.

7 Fucking Pecks.

Baltimore’s Musket Hawk is releasing a ripping little record called Upside Of Sick on Unholy Anarchy records. Classifying this is a little tough. There’s some stoner, doom, grind, punk and well… whatever thrown in here. This is one of those releases that you can’t pigeonhole because it’s a mix of different genres, but never comes across as genre hopping. I’m pecking digging this and I’ve seen them live before and they put on a ripping live show. There are guttural vocals, screamed vocals and, like I said, it’s a grind/sludge/punk amalgam that hits beaking hard. This is one to watch out for.

7 Fucking Pecks.

Wow, I’m not really sure what to make of this. Deathcore djenters Whitechapel are back with The Valley, and while I gotta say, this REALLY isn’t my thing, I do have to admit that they haven’t changed their sound. Whitechapel is still Whitechapel and this is heavy, no doubt. Lyrically relying on singer Phil Bozeman’s upbringing, The Valley is a personal record for the band. I’m having a hard time liking this, but there’s something to be said about sticking to your roots. There’s djent-y parts, blasty-type jams and some Depeche Mode-style vocals (“When a Demon Defiles a Witch”). So, if this is your thing, it’s cool. It’s not mine… Love the cover, though.
4 Fucking Pecks.

Until next time. Waldo out.