Track Premiere: Martelo Negro – ‘Orgias Iniciáticas’

On April 17th Helldprod Records will release the new album from Lisbon-based blackened thrashers Martelo Negro. Formed in 2006 under the name Black Hammer, back then a solo endeavor by bassist/vocalist Simão “The Beyonder” Santos, Martelo Negro (‘black hammer’ in Portuguese) has since become a full band. The Beyonder recruited guitarists Thamuz and Melkor in 2010, while drummer Arrno Maalm enlisted two years later.

Martelo Negro’s infernal chemistry smacks conspicuously on Parthenogenesis, their first album in five years. Judging by the eight songs that comprise Parthenogenesis one would never guess that Martelo Negro have only been semi-active for the past five years. Parthenogenesis is a veritable stampede of evil and blackened heavy thrash. Check out this exclusive teaser track premiere of “Orgias Iniciáticas” to hear for yourself.

Quote The Beyonder: “Orgias Iniciáticas”, the 5th track of Parthenogenesis, is a d-beat/speed metal outburst of unapologetic mayhem, the prodigal child of a record made of primitive vibes and testosterone-filled violence! Metal to the bone!”

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