As “Gamechanger” Release Nears, Sworn Enemy’s Sal Lococo Talks 5 Tracks that Changed the Game For Him

Nearly five years after Living on Borrowed Time, Sworn Enemy return on April 5 with the Robb Flynn-produced Gamechanger — a fervent, relentlessly brutal eleven track reminder of why the Queens metallic hardcore legends have remained beloved staples of the scene for more than two decades.

To mark the occasion, we asked vocalist Sal Lococo to set us up for his quintet’s own Gamechanger by putting together a list of tracks that changed the game for him. Happily he agreed!

Check out the chosen jams as well as a brand new Sworn Enemy fusillade below…

1. “Angel of Death”

[This] is probably still to this day one of the greatest songs ever written. The guitar riffs in this song definitely make people wanna cause harm to others in the pit.

2. “Punishment”

Biohazard incorporated everything that I love in music from breakdowns to fast parts to its rappinG vocal-style at the end.

3. “Rise and Fall”

If you just listen to guitar it sounds to me like Leeway were the Metallica of hardcore/thrash crossover. Amazing players in this band and it showed in their music.

4. “Master Killer”

Merauder is somewhat of a blueprint for what molded Sworn Enemy — growing up loving this song trying to emulate the sound and the energy.

5. “Perseverance”

Musically this Hatebreed song is as simple as it comes. But when you listen to the vocals and hear what Jamey is screaming about…you actually feel this song in your bones. Being a vocalist I always pay extra attention to the lyrics and these are some of the best written in my opinion.