Track Premiere: Sacrilegia – ‘Bloodstained’

Little is known outside of their home scene about Dubliners Sacrilegia, but their debut album The Triclavian Advent blares with so much audacity and finesse it has to be the work of veteran metallers. Replete with a totally-brutal-but-traditional artwork (like C. Moyen meets Gustav Doré), The Triclavian Advent is seven tracks plus an Armoured Angel cover(!) of nail-pounding, fire-setting, ruthless blackened thrash supremacy. So obviously we’re psyched to bring you this exclusive sneak peek at their forthcoming debut.

“‘Bloodstained’ was the third song we’ve put together and the one we’ve been opening our live sets with,” says the band. “While most songs in the album deal with the broken people Christianity has produced, this one in particular deals with the trail of blood deliberately left behind as a statement. A vengeful character prevails over an idea. It was always meant to hit listeners with a display of sheer violence from start to finish, but it was only during recordings we’ve realised that its simplicity is what actually makes it so relentless. I believe it carries the primeval elements this music genre often forgets to explore in the so called extreme metal of today, and it’s sung with the loathsome and anger often forgotten to be manifested towards the faithful mindset itself.”


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Get The Triclavian Advent April 12th from Invictus Productions.