Track Premiere: Usurper – ‘Warlock Moon’

Chicagoans Usurper started shredding their decapitative brand of blackened thrash back in the early 90s, growing stronger, faster, and meaner with each subsequent album. That is up until they disbanded in 2007. Now, fourteen years since their last album, the quartet returns with a sixth album, dubbed Lords of the Permafrost, an album that blazes with the inspired passion of an upstart band’s debut while maintaining a crack shot focus only a veteran metal band could possess. Out in two weeks on Soulseller Records, Lords of the Permafrost offers eight new tracks, some of Usurper’s finest material. And streaming below you’ll find proof to back up that statement.

Guitarist/vocalist Rick Scythe says the song “‘Warlock Moon is a speed metal anthem that balances unrelenting, maniacal riffage with fist-banging, barbarian power—which made it the perfect choice for the opener to side B . . . This song sounds like it could have been a lost track from our 1999 album, Skeletal Season—stripped-down, unpretentious, and 100% hard! Cram this molten slab of metal into your ear holes, and prepare for a neck-breaking frenzy!”

“Warlock Moon”


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