Track Premiere: Murdryck – ‘Sea Spirit of the Night’

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Murdryck began making music back in the late ‘90s, but it wasn’t until 2014 that their dark ambient approach took on a more aggressive and fuller attack. By 2015, the Swedish trio were a full-fledged black metal force and that year’s As the Moon Bleeds… EP earned the band some much deserved attention and praise.

Now Murdryck are poised to release their sophomore full length, a follow up to their debut Antologi MMXV. Entitled Födelsen, Murdryck’s new album is eight tracks of disciplined, focused and elite black metal. 

“‘Sea Spirit of the Night’ was probably the second song that was written for the album, shortly after the release of the debut,” writes Skärseld, guitarist of Murdryck. “The early demo of this has a different structure to the final album version and features our previous vocalist, Gast, screeching over the music with his lyrics. I rewrote the lyrics after he left.

“The song is a sort of ghost/horror story. It was an idea that came to me and I had to find a way to write this down poetically. My vision for the song revolved around a desolate lonesome eternal being who is sailing around aimlessly on a ship trying to find his way home. He comes to realize he is eternal and is waiting for the mythical sea serpent to find him and take him and end his life.”


“Sea Spirit of the Night”



Out May 1st on CD and cassette from Leviaphonic Records, preorder Födelsen now. 

Get it on vinyl from Growls from the Underground.

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