Full Album Stream: Romasa – “Cheering Death”

Sludge trio Romasa are celebrating filth, misery and excess on their aptly-titled new album, Cheering Death. Cheering Death follows a self-titled demo, which showcased earlier incarnations of the songs “Cheering Death,” “Pleasure is My God” and “Grateful for Filth.” The versions on Cheering Death are more refined than Romasa’s demo; over the course of five songs, Romasa build the crust-infected sludge, galloping D-beats and rotten vocals into glorious crescendos and squalls of distortion and feedback.

“Subject yourself to a torrent of unrelenting misery and uplifting filthiness,” Romasa offer of the record. “Wrap the chains of intoxicating stench around the limbs of the remnants of your soul and accept the oozing shower of sludge-ridden emptiness that spews forth from the sky of your subconscious. No illusion of solace awaits you here, only the sound of cheering death.”

Maybe it’s something in the New Orleans water that helped Romasa mutate into the form they take on Cheering Death and maybe it’s also the production of James Whitten (Thou, The Body) and mastering by Brad Boatright (Gatecreeper, Necrot). Either way, you can hear it in full below and snag a copy via the band.