Full Album Stream: Witchgöat – “Egregors of the Black Faith”

Stalwart readers will remember when Demo:listen featured these Salvadorans last year, but for those of you just hearing of them: Witchgöat hail from San Salvador and theirs is an especially lethal combination of mid-90s Scandinavian black metal, early Teutonic thrash, and Sudamerican death. Formed by P. Scyther (guitarist) in 2016, and joined by M. Miasma on vocals, C. Fog on bass, and E. Driller on drums, Witchgöat released their three song demo last year, and wasted no time in crafting their debut album.

Says M. Miasma: “We hope to project our first album, Egregors of the Black Faith, to the world as a tribute of our devotion to thrash/black/death metal and to show that in Central America we also share the visceral spirit of honest and direct metal that makes its way even without having great technical and economic resources, just like the spirit of South America in the ‘80s. On this album, we tried to print our version of the raw metal which we have been fans of for many years. We trust that the followers of this type of music will find it interesting.”

Egregors of the Black Faith is nine tracks of tremendously executed, relentless extreme punishment. Striking the perfect balance between fun, evil, and flat out killer, Witchgöat’s debut comes out tomorrow! Get it from Morbid Skull Records and Hell Productions.