Full Album Stream: The Old Firm Casuals “Holger Danske”

When Lars Frederiksen isn’t laying down punk rock in a little band called Rancid, he’s busy playing with The Old Firm Casuals, a band who blend street punk, oi!, and melodic hardcore sounds, and who are releasing their second full-length, Holger Danske, on Pirates Press Records on March 15. Today, we’re offering an exclusive stream of the entire release.

The album—the band’s first since becoming a four-piece after adding guitarist Gabe Gavriloff to the fold—shows The Old Firm Casuals’ skill at delivering diverse sounds, from the fist-raising punk you’d expect from Frederiksen, to songs that would sound more at home played by a classic rock band rockin’ an arena, to a sober, anthemic sound that is more Accept than it is Anti-Flag.

Over the last year or so The Old Firm Casuals have been in the studio between gigs making what is called Holger Danske for your listening pleasure,” says Frederiksen. “We had fun with our old pal and engineer Michael Rosen to bring you these new songs packaged as our second full-length LP. 2019 will be a busy year, and we hope to come to a town near you with our brand of Street Rock-N-Roll. Thanks for giving it a listen, and we look forward to seeing you all. Onwards and upwards.”

Pre-order Holger Danske here and stream it right here: