Pairing & Killing: Obituary & Cigar City

In our new series Pairing & Killing, we’re bringing you our favorite picks for combinations of beers and bands based on the Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest: Philly 2019 lineup. “Metal & Beer” tickets for the event, which takes place on Saturday and Sunday April 13 & 14 at the Fillmore Philadelphia, are almost sold out.

This year, we welcome back Cigar City Brewing, a returning brewery from the very first edition of Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest. Their pairing with death metal legends Obituary is a natural one: both sets of Floridians collaborated on Blood Soaked, a golden ale and nod to the choice cut from Obituary’s debut, Slowly We Rot. Classic Obituary fans will have a lot to love about the weekend when they’re treated to a performance of Cause of Death in its brutal entirety.

Don’t just take our word for this beer’s quality. In their official description, Cigar City write “We aren’t suggesting you listen to death metal and drink this golden ale with blood orange for breakfast, but we wouldn’t blame you if you did.” Neither would we.

The best part? You can watch Obituary’s set while getting a pour at the Cigar City table so you don’t have to miss a single bloody second.

For a hoppier punch, try the Guayabera Citra Pale Ale, an American pale ale brewed with notes of tangerine, lime and berries, also available at the Cigar City table.