Full Album Stream: In the Fire – ‘Volatile Beings’

When I found out that Total Fucking Destruction bassist/vocalist Ryan Moll was starting up a new project called In the Fire, I was intrigued. What I didn’t expect was for Volatile Beings to be so diverse, blending blackened thrash with elements of doom and melodic death metal. Throughout, Moll and session drummer Patrick Battaglia unleash high-energy, balls-to-the-wall songs that are impressive both in their technicality and smooth execution.

Moll’s vocals are vicious, matching the instruments in intensity as he rips through songs with recognizable vocals that recall later Death. Musically, In the Fire are at their best when they go straight for the throat,  doling out riffs that make it impossible not to headbang. The doomier elements come into play on songs like “The Poisoned Rye,” which slows down and sees the band introduce melodic, clean vocals into the song; similarly, “In the Fire” is a calming acoustic interlude at the midpoint of Volatile Beings, a chance to breathe before In the Fire sonically batter the listener again.

Decibel is streaming Volatile Beings in full. Check it out below and head to Horror Pain Gore Death‘s store to pre-order before its release next Friday, February 15.