Full Album Stream: Asphodelus – “Stygian Dreams”

Finnish trio Asphodelus have an ear for the epic. Their name alone implies a sense of grandeur—in Greek legend, asphodelus is a flower that covers the Elysian fields—that is further backed by the death/doom trio’s gothic tendencies heard on new album Stygian Dreams. Over eight tracks, Asphodelus weave mournful melodies through death metal riffs and screamed vocals.

Those looking for filthy, heavily-distorted death/doom will have to look elsewhere; Stygian Dreams is inspired by acts like Katatonia, Anathema, My Dying Bride and Tiamat, weaving an atmosphere better suited for a funeral than for a mosh pit. Stygian Dreams is further aided by its brevity—Asphodelus’ songs don’t meander longer than necessary, which makes them all the more potent.

You can hear it in full below. The album comes out on February 15 on Terror from Hell.