Gimme Radio Offers Listeners the Chance to Invest

Since Decibel friends Gimme Radio launched nearly two years ago, they’ve offered 24/7 heavy metal radio curated by a who’s who of heavy metal, from Dave Mustaine and Randy Blythe to Decibel Editor-in-Chief Albert Mudrian. Though Gimme Radio remains free—and has a subscription option for those who want to listen to specific shows at will—they’ve launched an interesting new way to support them: by investing in the company.

“We are excited to let the fans who use the service every day have the opportunity to invest in Gimme Radio,” says CEO Tyler Lenane. “We started this company because we saw that music fans outside of pop and mainstream hip hop were ignored and we wanted to give them a place to call their own. What better way to empower our community than to let them own a piece of the service they call home?”

If investing in Gimme Radio is something you’re interested in, you can find more info here.