Full Album Stream: Night Hag – “Insemination Rites of the Succubus”

Following a five-year period of musical silence, US death/doom trio Night Hag have emerged from their crypt armed with Insemination Rites of the Succubus, a five-track (including a Mortician cover) EP that plumbs the foul depths of the genre to find slow-moving, filthy results.

The EP’s personal standout is “Night Hag,” a 10-minute centerpiece that crawls more slowly than a wounded animal, sparingly using blast beats and faster speeds to jar the listener from the doom-induced stupor. Throughout, Night Hag play low and slow enough to shake the core of the listener (and probably the walls of the room they rehearse in). The faster tempo of Mortician’s “Witches’ Coven” is welcome by the time it rolls around, but Night Hag are able to dredge up enough horror and gore throughout Insemination Rites that they haven’t worn out their welcome by the EP’s end.

It comes out next week via horror experts Horror Pain Gore Death, but you can hear it now.