Full Album Stream: Endless Disease – ‘The End of All Life’

Southern Texas duo Endless Disease have conjured an album’s worth of misanthropic, crusted-over black metal with The End of All Life, their first full-length following a handful of EPs and a pair of demos. There isn’t much—or any—time spent on positivity, hope or nuanced thought on the album; instead, Endless Disease profess their disdain for all things living with subtle titles like “The End is Now,” “Human Eradication” and “Fuck Humanity.”

Musically, Endless Disease draw about equally from crust, D-beat, grind and black metal. Multiple influences are often present at once, the band shifting from wintry black metal to rousing, fist-pumping D-beat in a matter of seconds. The resulting flurry totally rips. Endless Disease count members of Intestinal Disgorge, The Howling Void, Pneuma Hagion, Urosepsis and plenty of other bands among their ranks, but the duo are their own beast here.

Give The End of All Life a listen below. Digital copies are available through Bandcamp.