Full Album Stream: Spillage – “Blood of Angels”

Chicago’s Spillage aren’t shy about the formula they used to craft Blood of Angels, their sophomore LP, out today on Qumran Records.

“To me, the album is a great reflection of the music and bands we grew up listening to,” says guitarist Nick Bozidarevic. “Certainly there’s a 70’s feel and Sabbath vibe throughout, with tinges of Deep Purple, Scorpions and Trouble.”

Produced by Trouble guitarist Bruce Franklin and mixed by The Skull guitarist Lothar Keller, Blood of Angels is certainly a distillation of the aforementioned bands’ styles, moving from powerful doom to foot-stomping rock ‘n’ roll with practiced ease. Spillage can even write ballads!

Check out Blood of Angels below; it’s available now in digital and physical formats on Bandcamp.