Full EP Stream: Nuclear Tomb – “Succumbing”

Nuclear Tomb‘s new EP is called Succumbing, but it sure feels like the beginning of something great for the Baltimore-based death dealers. Self-described as “a collection of songs to play while descending into madness,” Succumbing sees the trio explore death metal’s weirder, more complex depths.

Citing influences like Horrendous, Gorguts, Voivod and Revocation, Nuclear Tomb strip death metal down to its most dissonant, serpentine state. Guitarist M. Brown weaves intricate, thrashy riffs fleshed out by complementary basslines and chunky, atonal chugs.

“A soundtrack for descending into madness. Recorded in September of 2018 by Ananth Batni at UMBC and with artwork by Ethan of Primitive Man, this is our statement of intent,” Brown tells Decibel. “Filled with vicious thrash riffs, dissonant chords and chaotic guitar effects a la Gorguts, math-y rhythms, and retched vocals, we try strike the balance between full-force aggression and our own bizarre musicality. The occasional tinge of melancholic melody only serves to offer a glimpse of false hope before you’re dragged further down into dark obscurity. After years spent crafting and refining our venomous sound, we’re proud to present to you our debut 4-track EP, Succumbing.”

Without further ado, hear Succumbing below.