Track Premiere: We Get “Thrown to the Wolves” by Pulchra Morte

With members including guitarist/bassist Jarrett Pritchard and drummer Clayton Gore, the former being front-of-house soundman-to-the-stars and producer extraordinaire, the both of them being original members of original wave Floridian death metallers Eulogy, Pulchra Morte has planted a seed that has quickly grown to include a 7” entitled Soulstench and forthcoming debut album, Divina Autem et Aniles. Breaking from expectation’s mold, the quintet eschew fast and furious death metal for the sort of elegant doom/death first oozed out by the Peaceville three with particular focus on Paradise Lost’s first two albums and the goal of making Albert Mudrian’s short ‘n’ curlies spark and smolder out of sheer excitement.

While there will be more coverage of Pulchra Morte to come in both our print and online spaces, today we present an introduction to the band via a track from the album entitled “Thrown to the Wolves” and a brief introduction by Gore to some of the philosophy driving the band.

“I want to clarify first and foremost that we – collectively, all of us – still very much listen to and love, let’s say, the faster side of metal and a wide spectrum of music other than metal. But, between all of our previous bands, we’ve kind of done it, you know? We wanted to do something entirely different for us. We want to keep things very personal and real. We don’t write about invented mythologies, the undead or even the dark realities of other humans, like serial killers, in this band. Again, we have done so in the past. Speaking for myself, I just don’t know what more I could possibly have to say on some of those areas that hasn’t already been said, or isn’t already being said perfectly well by another band. So, we made this band very personal, very real. It’s difficult to write openly and honestly about your own feelings and experiences that lead to or come from very dark places, but this band is all about pushing ourselves out of our previous comfort zones into doing something very different for us. Not that the things we’ve done previously were ‘pretend’ or created under false pretense, just that as we get older, experience brings a different perspective to things, a certain kind of wisdom.”

Divina Autem et Aniles will be available via Ceremonial Records on February 1st, 2019.


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