Full Split EP Stream: Mortal Scepter and Deathroned

Screw those studs into your battle vest and study up on your Français, because Mortal Scepter and Deathroned are joining formidable forces with their French thrash fury. This split release from Dying Victims Productions has each band firing out two original cuts and an inspired cover track to decimate the remainder of your 2018.

Ahead of their killer new LP Where Light Suffocates, Mortal Scepter’s unhinged anthems explore the battleground between thrash and the earliest death metal slabs. “Perish with the Flesh” embodies the mean streak of their newest material, where reverberating snarls match their splintered-shrapnel solos and Infernal Overkill intensity. They also chip in a cover of Death’s Leprosy standout “Left to Die.” If you’ve ever wondered what the song’s scabrous breakdowns would sound like blasted from a sweaty French mosh pit, here’s your chance. Mortal Scepter wrote the following to describe their contributions to the split: “Two new tracks, two abject offerings to prove that French aggression is alive and raging. No fucking mercy.”

After their 2016 The Curse of Power EP, Parisian pleasure-killers Deathroned are back with vocalist/guitarist Arno Mazzari’s night-piercing shrieks and fiery shredding. Inspired by Bay Area thrash and the earliest Teutonic auteurs, their “Speed Takeover” emulates 1986’s fastest and heaviest riffs. “If you like your thrash metal modern, triggered and polished, get out of our way,” the band warns. “We’re Deathroned and we’re not here to fuck around. We deliver straight-up, aggressive, fast metal for you. Up-tempo tunes, poser-crushing screams, and catchy stuff are on the menu. And to finish, a cover of the legendary “Sign of Evil” by Violent Force.”

Listen to the full split below before it’s released from Dying Victims Productions. Then pre-order this scythe-swinging thrash attack before it sells out to some other lucky headbangers.

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