Track Premiere: Musmahhu – ‘Spectral Congregation of Anguish’

If you’ve never heard of  Sweden’s one-man black metal/dungeon synth/lately death metal factory, Swartadauþuz (or Ancient Records, for that matter), then I guess I’ll see you in a few months after you’ve finally come down a little from your obsession. But seriously, between Bekëth Nëxëhmu, Azelisassath, Trolldom, Mystik, etc., Swartadauþuz has steadily been releasing album after album of pinnacle modern black metal. Nor is Musmahhu his first foray into death metal, lest we forget Demonomantic. But unlike Demonomantic’s improvisational and chaotic pestilence, Musmahhu packs a forceful and tightly-composed assault.

Oozing a certain Teitanblooden blackness, but muscly and steel-spined at its core like a Swedish Diabolical Conquest, Musmahhu comes across bigger and hits harder than anyone probably could’ve expected. But it makes perfect sense in immediate hindsight, as things often do when they catch you off-guard and knock you flat on your ass. Swartadauþuz doesn’t only slay ultimate black metal, this Swede exudes supreme death.  

Reign of the Odius represents the debut full length from Musmahhu, out January 18th on CD and vinyl from Iron Bonehead. 

“Spectral Congregation of Anguish”

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