Full Album Stream: Adaestuo “Krew Za Krew”


Unknown to most, multi-country based transcendental black metal unit Adaestuo are unfurling the machine that will shake the very heavens. New album Krew Za Krew is gate crasher, the castle toppler, the ivory corruptor. While others put stock in shock ‘n’ awe — a direct form of evil — Adaestuo come in from above and below, inconspicuous in its malign embed of mind, body, and spirit.

Says W.T.C. Productions: “To begin to understand the spiritual immensity of Adaestuo’s Krew Za Krew, one need only look to some of the album’s English-language song titles for keys to their cosmic creations and times: among them, “Subterranean Fire,” “Shadow Pilgrimage,” “Death Transition,” and especially “Transcendental” and “Monument.” Indeed, Krew Za Krew is a transcendental monument, threaded together like a fever dream collapsing in on itself, expanding outward and downward simultaneously. Black metal is undoubtedly the foundational language here, but by no means is it the dialect. The black metal surges and swirls, grimly aware of its inherent power, heaving in its brute physicality, but often disintegrating into nightmarish ambience that’s equal parts modern classical, musique concrete, and nuclear fallout…only to be rebuilt again, back into blacker metal.”

Normally, we pontificate. Today, there’s no breathing room. The words uttered by mere mortals have been suffocated and are no match for the cosmic darkness ushered forth by Adaestuo! Bring on death, celebrate the burning of Elysian Fields, and find new reasons to suffer at the hands of Krew Za Krew.

You’ve been warned… The end is near.

** Adaestuo’s new album, Krew Za Krew, is out December 11, 2018 via esteemed German label W.T.C. Productions. Pre-order from W.T.C. on CD, LP, and Digital (HERE).