Full Album Stream: Redemptor – “The Becoming”

Polish technical death metal unit Redemptor have spent the last (almost) two decades dropping mind-melting, heavy, technical death metal. Dissonance, technical proficiency and Meshuggah levels of heaviness have always been their greatest weapons, and now their early works have been reanimated in The Becoming, a collection of songs that spans the band’s activity from 2005 to 2011.

Over 14 tracks, it’s possible to hear Redemptor evolve into the mechanical, crushing band they are today. To celebrate the release of The Becoming, Redemptor have shared an exclusive full stream of the record, plus a breakdown of the three releases used for the compilation—debut LP None Pointless Balance, previously unreleased demo Nanosynthesis and the 4th Density EP from 2011.

Get crushed below; The Becoming is available digitally and via Selfmadegod.

None Pointless Balance [LP 2005]
The debut album is a sentimental journey to the beginning. First serious lineup, first studio recording and first successful concerts. It was the time when we have been inspired by the bands like Death, Cynic, Monstrosity, Atheist… How stylistically different from what appeared many years later, on Arthaneum… None Pointless Balance was supposed to open the doors to some serious actions. We entered the highly acclaimed Hertz Studio, and the final outcome brought us a really good response and established a solid ground for the next steps. Unfortunately, we had to suspend our activity due to personal reasons. We disbanded, so I moved to an opposite side of Poland in order to form a new lineup, based on really talented musicians. But that’s the next part of the story… For now, you may listen to how Redemptor kicked into the World. – Daniel Kesler, guitars

Nanosynthesis [demo 2009]
It was a really enjoyable period for Redemptor, as we had a lot of free time in our lives back then. Anyone in the band was totally stoked about any small progress we achieved, new gigs, new contacts and experiences. We were totally passionate about our metal way of life, completely devoted to playing music, and vision we had to offer as a band. This was also a very end of the crazy, old-school metal years in Poland, when being a part of (any) subculture was strongly determining the identity and lifestyle of an individual. Generation X made an impact with the existential, rebellious and somewhat decadent art and the content on which we grew up, and this demo is a result of our dream to become a professional band, which might share the scenes with some bigger names. – Xaay, vocals

4th Density [EP 2011]
Our next step was the four-song 4th Density EP, which brought more experimental, crossover music. We wanted to write about getting out of the cage built by modern reality-makers, transcending the boundaries of our stiffened perception, broadening the awareness and mutual understanding. I think it went in parallel music-wise. At that time, we were really determined to break all possible technical and stylistic constraints, adding a lot of fusion and jazz elements. Daniel and Jakub were really focused on bringing some new, intriguing ingredients to our traditional technical death metal backbone. Practicing like crazy, we did a piece which is definitely our most weird and multi-colored recording to date. – Xaay