Full Album Stream: Inoculated Life – “Exist to Decay”

As the end of the calendar year approaches, it’s clear that some labels knocked it out of the park in 2018. One such label is Redefining Darkness, who remained trve to their mission of spreading the underground’s best death metal. They’re not about to break that streak, either, and you’ll agree when you get a load of Exist to Decay, the first LP from Denver death dealers Inoculated Life. 

Charging out of the gate with nasty HM2-fueled riffage, Inoculated Life soak in outside influences from grindcore and powerviolence for a blistering, feedback-ridden record. Everything on Exist to Decay hits like a ton of bricks, from the hefty guitars to the raw, filthy vocals.

Exist to Decay is about the world being all fucked up because of pollution and other things fucking it up and everything dies and it forces everything to start over, including people,” says guitarist/vocalist Kevin Ruiz. “We return to our primitive ways because out actions of today are horrible and a resignation may helpless as we waste away. There’s no stopping the damage we caused so there’s no reversing it and we are going to die from the shitty things we’ve done to this planet, we will resign. So Exist to Decay is saying, we are living just to rot in the ground; we aren’t special.”