Full Album Stream: Necroart – “Caino”

Long-running Italian death metal sextet Necroart are slated to release their fourth full-length record, Caino, later this month. Combining early Swedish death metal influences with progressive elements, Caino is Necroart’s most diverse, and strongest, album to date.

Leading with the ambient intro “March of the Ghouls” before furiously jumping into “An Invocation for the Horned,” this Italian horde means business. Throughout the album, Necroart pull liberally from black metal (“Caino,” “Bringer of Light”), and bits of doom and sludge can be heard in the album’s slowest moments.

“We think that our new album has to prove that a band can mix all kind of extreme metal influences without playing just one!” Necroart told Decibel in a statement. “This has always been our prerogative. Many gigs and tours with big bands as Arcturus, Sinister and many many more gave us the idea that we have to play our music on stage… so we will see you around! Horns up!”

Caino is streaming in full below. You can pre-order from The Goatmancer, who will release the album on November 30.