Abdicate to the Death Metal Warp Chamber

I like a band that comes right out with their mission statement, like that of death metal newcomers, Warp Chamber:

Once you hit play, be prepared to be launched through a universe spanning multiple dimensions, twisting and spiraling until you are finally hurled into an endless vortex.

Indeed, once I hit play on “Abdication of the Mind,” I was struck by a storm of classic, raw death metal with slightly technical edge. As the band states, there’s a lot of early Suffocation (especially the Human Waste-era), Nocturnus, Demilich and demo-era Morbid Angel weaved into the various threads here.

But I also have to commend the band for the audacity of blatantly using the same John Martin painting for their two-song debut as Angel Witch used for their self-titled NWOBHM classic in 1980. Hey, it’s a cool looking image. And it’s not the first time the same piece of art has been used for two different bands (both Carpathian Forest and Wongraven used Theodore Kittelson’s “Til den grønne ridder” for covers, and the examples go on).

Anyway, both songs will be available digitally and on cassette via Redefining Darkness Records on December 7. Stream “Abdication of the Mind” below.