Video Premiere: Psychlona – ‘Down in the Valley’

No, you’re not seeing things. Well, you are, but it’s just “Down in the Valley,” a new video from UK-based doomy desert rockers Psychlona. Their debut album, Mojo Rising, comes out tomorrow and it comes packed with all the fuzzy riffs and psychedelic insanity one would expect from a band called Psychlona. Combining some very trippy filters with explosion footage, old film clips and even rocket launch footage, the video shines in its DIY glory. And that’s exactly what Psychlona were going for.

“Here’s ‘Down In The Valley’ from our debut album, Mojo Rising,” the band wrote in an email. “The video was forged straight from our DIY roots as dirty rotten (former) punks, and the song is all about human folly, supernatural happenings and tripping balls (not necessarily in that order), which is pretty much what they’re all about! This tune and video are peppered with all the elements to give the masses a good idea about us and our album, due for imminent release!”

Mojo Rising is out tomorrow.