Full Album Stream: The Mon – “Doppelleben”

Photo: Francesca De Franceschi Manzoni

Italian doom trio Ufomammut make some of the most vibrant, recognizable and psychedelic doom out there. It should come as no surprise, then, that Doppelleben, the debut album from Ufomammut bassist/vocalist/keyboardist Urlo under the moniker The Mon, is a far-out exploration into what a heavy psych album can sound like. From the pulsing bass and expansive textures of “Salvator Mundi” to the trippy industrial of “Blut” and the haunted soundscapes on “Soulloop,” The Mon dives deep into a variety of sounds that feel interconnected while also sounding independent of each other.

Doppelleben is not a solo Ufomammut record, and those holding that expectation will be disappointed with the result. Take it for what it is, however, and there is a lot to discover.

The Mon touches down this weekend. Physical pre-orders are available in the US via Earsplit Distro and in Europe via Supernatural Cat.