Full Album Stream: Suffering Quota – “Life in Disgust”

Dutch grind unit Suffering Quota are a force to be reckoned with on Life in Disgust, their new album. A furious romp through twelve brief songs, Suffering Quota draw from influences across the spectrum, charging through blast beats and tremolo-picked riffs to chunky mid-tempo sections. Vocalist Gerald Timmermans performs like a man possessed on Life in Disgust, matching the frantic energy of his bandmates with every yell, grunt and roar on the album.

With the exception of a few longer cuts, most of the songs on Life in Disgust quick and over before you have time to process them on first listen. That’s okay though, because you can hit play a second (or third, or more) time as soon as the sample in “101” ends.

“In our 10th year of existence, we are excited about releasing our second album, the first with our current line up,” Suffering Quota collectively tell Decibel. “We take hints from bands like Assück, Napalm Death and Discordance Axis, but expand on that by incorporating death metal, crust and hardcore elements into our sound; think about grindcore mixed with Bolt Thrower and His Hero Is Gone.

“We recorded every instrument in a live setting to capture the raw energy we also bring with our performances. We think we did a great job in accomplishing that. Lyrically, on the album we used human emotions and states of mind to look into and reflect on the current state of the world and political climate.

“We are ready to send Life in Disgust’ into the world and crush stages everywhere.”

Life in Disgust is available through Dawnbreed Records (and others, depending on your country) today.