Full Album Stream: Flageladör – “Predileção Pelo Macabro”

Since the beginning of the century, guitarist/vocalist Armando Exekutor has led his band Flageladör through the Brazilian underground where they’ve blazed their own fiery trail, honing their musicianship, sharpening their licks on the backs of lesser, slower bands. Now, as the band prepares to unleash their fourth album Predileção Pelo Macabro, we here at Decibel feel it’s our duty to spread the good speed.

Predileção Pelo Macabro sounds like some deadly vintage and obscure speed metal ferocity. That’s not to say it’s underproduced, although the production definitely rings old school. But the real feelings of metal nostalgia come from the inventiveness and the sincerity found in the music. These riffs are immortally fresh. The vocals are timeless in their toughness, and the rhythm section keeps in time with that most primal of pulse. The beat of running!

Regardless of what subgenre you claim allegiance to these days, don’t hesitate on this Flageladör stream. Predileção Pelo Macabro will remind you of what’s best about the metal life.

Says the band: “This is our 4th studio album and we believe that our musicality evolved in comparison with our previous releases. The songs are more aggressive, but also more melodic meaning that our heavy metal roots are more tight than ever when combined with the band’s classical speed thrash influences.

In the meantime we hope to return to Europe and tour again side to side with all metallic headbangers. Don’t forget Metal still is the Law of the righteous!”

Predileção Pelo Macabro

Get Predileção Pelo Macabro this Friday from Helldprod Records.