Album Premiere: Trollheims Grott – “Aligned with the True Death”

Trollheims Grott

The last time Finnish black metallers Trollheims Grott issued an album, the world wasn’t a happy place. The Iraq War had brutally kicked off, the war in Darfur was in sickening motion, and the last known speaker of the Akkala Sami language had died. Well, 15 years later, Trollheims Grott return and the world is still in turmoil. In 2018, the world’s last male northern white rhinoceros dies, the Bashar al-Assad regime used sarin gas on its own people, and Apple Inc. becomes the world’s first publicly-traded company with a market capitalization of $1 trillion. On new album, Aligned with the True Death, the Finns seems remarkably “aligned” with the ills of the world, with tracks like “Deathless Form,” “Omega Angel,” the aptly named “Earth’s Last Stand,” and the title track serving as horns of the apocalypse.

Says frontman Spellgoth (aka sg.7): “Operation active. Humanity locked as target. Death will be imminent. No redemption. No Absolution.”

Clearly, there’s no quarter given as Trollheims Grott age with time from the perch of the Finnish city of Kuopio. They’re as vitriolic, violent, and hateful on Aligned with the True Death as they were on post-millennial digitized bomb Bizarre Troll Technology. The drums of LRH pound war march, while his guitar blaze the skies with fire and steel and TG’s bass rumbles the Earth from within. What makes Trollheims Grott so unique are the vocals of noise-maker sg.7, who voice sounds positively wicked and electronics decidedly decayed. He’s the war-torn general eager for one more bite of the proverbial battle apple. A man who wants to make his mark on the future.

Time for death with Trollheims Grott’s new album, Aligned with the True Death. Do not seek shelter. Welcome the volleys of hatred, despair, and malice.

** Trollheims Grott’s new album, Aligned with the True Death, is out October 31st on World Terror Committee Productions. Pre-order is available HERE (Facebook).