Full Album Stream: Crimson Throne – “Of Void & Solitude”

Rising from the English underground, black metal quartet Crimson Throne have revealed Of Void & Solitude, their first full-length and follow up to last year’s eponymously-titled EP. From the album’s introduction, Crimson Throne rely heavily on ambient passages and slow builds-ups to deliver their style of black metal. As the introduction fades into the first proper song, “Dalite Lineage,” Crimson Throne shift deftly from ominous mood to cold black metal laced with haunting melodies, blast beats and shrieks that sound as if they are being carried off in the wind.

The ambience Crimson Throne frequently use, whether at the foreground or in the background, gives Of Void & Solitude a natural atmosphere. There are similarities to Wolves in the Throne Room and Austrian post-black entity Ellende, but the themes on Of Void & Solitude are much darker than the aforementioned bands: according to a press release, Crimson Throne considered “human suffering, pain & oppression, spanning across the ages of various cultures and their people” when writing the album.

“We have been working beneath a veil for sometime now on our first full-length record,” says bassist/vocalist TH. “With the album release being just a few days away, we are pleased to finally be able to unleash Of Void & Solitude upon you, to stream in full.”

Of Void & Solitude is out October 19 on Apocalyptic Witchcraft.