Album Stream: Antiverse “Under the Regolith”


If Revocation, Arsis, and Opeth (death metal phase) inspired four Minneapolis-based musicians to form a band, Antiverse wouldn’t be too far off of the mark. Featuring Matthew Kirkwold (guitars) and Carl Skildum (vocals) — both from lauded death-black outfit Inexorum — and Mike Paradise (drums) and Jason Bauer (bass), Minnesota’s newest ragers are making quick headway to the top of America’s extreme metal heap on new album Under the Regolith.

Antiverse’s previous full-length Cosmic Horror was labeled by Metal Trenches as a release that’s “fit for blasting out your windows.” The self-issued banger, however, has been eclipsed in the strongest sense of the word on Under the Regolith. On Antiverse’s new full-length, they’ve matured into force not only capable of “blasting windows” but a group of musicians capable of writing attention-capturing songs that pivot on intensity, nuance, and the meaty stuff (like dissonance, tempo variation, etc.) in-between. Featuring killer artwork by Adam Burke (Hooded Menace, Artificial Brain, Pagan Altar), Antiverse — replete with some of the best progressive death-thrash in America since…well, Horrendous — might just be your new favorite band. Antiverse are on our list.

Under the Regolith is America’s unsung Top 10 album in 2018. Want proof? Listen to Under the Regolith below. Then, click the pre-order link… Act fast though. Only 300 of the first press will be available.

** Antiverse’s new album, Under the Regolith, is out October 19th on Seeing Red Records. Pre-orders for CD and Digital are HERE.