Track Premiere: Cadaveric Fumes – ‘Necromancy Sublime’

Cadaveric Fumes burst onto the international death metal scene six years ago with Macabre Exaltation, their demo tape. Macabre Exaltation was four slimy and warped death metal bangers (plus an intro) amid a uniquely fetid atmosphere that surrounds the quartet’s music to this day. By 2014, the band had solidified their line-up and would release two more songs on a split 12” with Demonic Oath. That split helped put the name Cadaveric Fumes in the minds of death metal fans around the world. But it was in 2016, with the release of their EP Dimensions Obscure, that Cadaveric Fumes truly distinguished themselves from the crowd of coffin breakers and murkflingers.

In just four tracks, the macabre Frenchmen proved that true death metal stands beyond time and trends. Sounding at once vaguely familiar but also like something the band had invoked from the outermost reaches of existence, Dimensions Obscure was like a rush of cosmic death that swept through the death metal underground, and many followed in its noxious wake. 

Now, finally, Cadaveric Fumes are ready to give us more material. True it is only one song, but “Necromancy Sublime” is a mind-bending journey. Not to mention it’s one-half of a split with Skelethal, another incredible French death metal band. “Necromancy Sublime” strikes the perfect balance between the weirdness of Dimensions Obscure and the blood-crazed ferocity of the band’s earliest tracks.

“We tried our best to synthesize where we’re at as a band right now,” says vocalist Romain Gibet, “[By] fusing our influences and our own creative inputs into something aggressive yet atmospheric, a goal that has been our leitmotiv since the very beginning . . .”

As for the idea of doing a split with Skelethal, Gibet says: “We’ve been in touch with Jon and Gui (of Skelethal) for a few years now and get along very well (shared gigs and stuff). The idea of releasing something together came naturally as a materialization of this friendship.”

It our pleasure to present to you this exclusive stream of Cadaveric Fumes’ side of their forthcoming split with Skelethal. This is . . .

“Necromancy Sublime”

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