Watch: Calamity Thrash Hard in Video for ‘The Truth’

It’s Friday, so what better way to kick off the weekend than with some thrash metal? The video in question is for “The Truth,” which comes from Calamity‘s upcoming album Kairos. With lyrics in Spanish and English, a slew of moshable riffs and a sense of humor (wait for the three-minute mark), the Puerto Rican outfit seem to be having a ton of fun, and who could blame them? Rooted in a more modern thrash sound a la Warbringer and Havok, it’s hard not to bob your head.

“‘The Truth’ is the best appetizer we can offer before releasing our upcoming album, Kairos,” Calamity tell Decibel. “This album is the total meaning of what Calamity represent as a band and ‘The Truth’ has the perfect attitude to introduce all the surprises we will include in Kairos.”