Egyptian Metal Band Massive Scar Era Stress Importance of Diversity with “Color Blind”

We last checked in with Egyptian/Canadian metal group Massive Scar Era in April, for the release of their music video for “Color Blind.” The group told Decibel they were finishing their new EP, also titled Color Blind; that EP is now complete and out today. Much like the title track, Massive Scar Era incorporate outside influences from classical and traditional Egyptian music in their metallic sound, leading to a sound that is unique to the band.

Musician Nancy Mounir played a variety of instruments on the album, playing a style the band describes as pre-colonial Egyptian music, including violin, percussion and Egyptian flute. The use of violin gives the band a symphonic sound, powered by vocalist/guitarist Cherine Amr’s voice.

In addition to the Color Blind EP, Massive Scar Era also revealed the music video for second track “Unfollow,” which showcases a diverse cast.

“We are very proud of this production,” Massive Scar Era state. “The video is directed by Mily Mumford and feature a diverse cast of femmes including trans-femme and non-binary assigned female at birth (NBAFB), Africans, Asians, Indigenous (from Musqueam) and Muslims. Just having all these femmes at the same place was an experience. The fruitful conversations we had off camera and the questions regarding our identities and religion background were inspiring! It assures that the more we include diverse people from different backgrounds the more we will end ‘othering’ each other.

Massive Scar Era’s Color Blind is available now through Bandcamp.