Bandcamp Donating 100% of Their Share to Voting Rights Project Today

The United States will hold its midterm elections will be held in just a few short weeks. Arguably one of the most important elections in years, Bandcamp is taking the day to inform, encourage and aid voters by donating 100% of their cut to the Voting Rights Project. The Voting Rights project’s website describes their mission as “to secure equal justice for all through the rule of law, targeting in particular the inequities confronting African Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities.”

It’s that simple—when you make a purchase, you’re contributing to the Voting Rights Project. If you’re interested in purchasing an album or ten (we know it’s pay day, we won’t judge) but don’t know where to start, consider these albums that we’ve been spinning at Decibel HQ.

Rosetta – Utopiod
The Philly post-metallers released their sixth album Utopiod last year. If something that is both heavy and dynamic is what you seek, Utopiod (or any previous Rosetta album) will scratch the itch. Oh, and it’s pay-what-you-want.

Extremely Brutal – Dead Reconsiderations
Extremely Brutal were being honest when they named themselves; the duo of guitarist/bassist/vocalist Hagamoto and drummer Dan rip through ten filthy, lo-fi grindcore cuts that combine brutality, gore and speed into one extremely extreme package.

Uada – Cult of a Dying Sun
The Pacific Northwestern outfit cemented themselves as one of USBM’s leading lights with the release of Cult of a Dying Sun, which saw them improve significantly from their 2016 debut, Devoid of Light. Stronger songwriting and catchy melodies mean that Cult of a Dying Sun hasn’t left our playlists since it came out.

Doomentor – Opus Diabolae
According to their Bandcamp page, Doomentor hail from Hell, Michigan, which isn’t too much of a stretch upon listening to their brand of blackened doom metal. Doomentor marry traditional doom with raw, evil black metal. Their latest album, Opus Diabolae, is available for $6.66, naturally.

Dismal – When Light Left Us
Philadelphia progressive metal quintet Dismaltake influence from modern progressive/technical acts like Rivers of Nihil and Job for a Cowboy’s later albums like Sun Eater for a polished, melodic sound. Vocalist Darren Liwen also serves as the frontman for California death metal band The Kennedy Veil. When Light Left Us, their first release in three years, abandons the band’s previously politically-minded lyrics in favor of emotional, depressing themes.

If you want more, many labels including Relapse, Metal Blade, 20 Buck Spin, Tankcrimes, Redefining Darkness and pretty much anyone else you buy music from have Bandcamp stores as well for digital and physical purchases. To find out how you can register to vote, or update your current registration, go here.