Full Album Stream: To End It All – “Scourge of Woman”

To End It All‘s Scourge of Woman full-length sounds like what would happen if drone/doom purveyors Khanate were forced into a blender with noisemakers Pharmakon and Lingua Ignota and forced to conduct devilish rituals. Vocalist Joy Von Spain and noise architect Masaaki Masao subscribe to the belief that less is more, letting rumbling power electronics and droning noise merge with Von Spain’s operatic clean singing and possessed shrieks.

Von Spain uses her voice as an instrument on tracks like opener “Lure” and fifth track “Instinctual Force” and Masao shines on “Beast Filth” and “Burning Rapists,” though it’s always a collaborative effort. Hear it for yourself below; it’s out tomorrow on Scry Recordings.