Full Album Stream: Mirrors for Psychic Warfare – “I See What I Became”

Mirrors for Psychic Warfare are pretty much the dream team when it comes to dark, experimental industrial. Neurosis’ Scott Kelly and Buried at Sea’s Sanford Parker join forces to craft hypnotic industrial, employing mechanical percussion, joyless vocals and bursts of noise in such a way that it could only be Mirrors of Psychic Warfare playing.

I See What I Became shines because of its diversity: bits of trip-hop and ambient music keep each song sounding different, adding uncomfortable psychedelia to an album that brims with dystopian undertones.

“This record shows the heart of our previous work together in Mirrors for Psychic Warfare and Corrections House but the songwriting has evolved immensely in my opinion,” Kelly relays to Decibel. “Still abstract and still unsettled but the groove is present throughout this record, approach with an open mind and we think this will move you.”

I See What I Became drops Friday through Neurot.