Video Premiere: Subtype Zero – ‘Inhumane’

When Decibel premiered the full Subtype Zero album, The Astral Awakening, last month, I praised the thrashers’ dedication to recreating the sonic mayhem of albums like Hell Awaits and Bonded by Blood, letting loose with thrashy chaos that harnessed the most potent sounds from Subtype Zero’s record collection. Today, we’re streaming the video for their song “Inhumane,” and the video gives us a deeper look at the meaning behind the song.

In between shots of the band performing, we see a man chained up and kidnapped; what exactly is unclear, but it’s probably a safe bet that said actions are “Inhumane.” The dark video is left open-ended and the band declined to comment, citing a desire to leave it open to interpretation, but how often does a violent kidnapping really end well?

The Astral Awakening is out now.