Video Premiere: We Dream Alone – ‘Happiness’

Back in the cold clutches of February, we premiered a single from We Dream Alone‘s newest LP ÆTHER. The melodic metal/hardcore Gothenburg outfit shared their song “Happiness” as well as their thoughts on happiness’ potentially futile pursuit. While discussing the beauty and brutality of the record, we wrote:

“Heavy themes match the riffs punch for punch throughout [We Dream Alone‘s newest single “Happiness”], from the crestfallen intro to the impending pummel. “Happiness”…is both an outlier and perfect representation of We Dream Alone’s artistic vision. When the first blast of distortion strangles the shimmering shoegaze to death, you can hear hints of Deadguy’s jagged hardcore. Meanwhile, We Dream Alone slyly disguise emo throughout “Happiness” like Bosse-de-Nage if they lived within 30 minutes of Gothenburg.”

Now We Dream Alone are back with a music video for that single that captures the rise and tragic fall of a seemingly harmonious relationship. With impactful wordless performances and stomach-turning suspense, the video lurks in the quiet shadows of movies like “Honeymoon” and “Baby Blues.” Like those underground films, the music video wrestles with difficult truths that slowly transform domestic bliss into a full-fledged nightmare. By the time the song crashes to its conclusion, you’ve experienced the crushing emotional weight We Dream Alone craft throughout ÆTHER.

In a statement about the “Happiness” music video, We Dream Alone said, “The search for happiness tends to dominate our lives. We teach our children to pursue it, we try to find it ourselves, and we keep redefining what it means for us. It becomes the sole meaning of our human existence. But are we really ready to be happy? Shall we seek happiness at all times? And will it live up to our expectations?”

Seek your own answers to these heady questions by pressing play on the music video below.

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