Track Premiere: Binah – ‘Dream Paralysis’

Binah formed in 2011, after guitarist/bassist Aort began writing his own twisted and unique style of death metal. It was not long after that drummer A. Carrier and guitarist/vocalist I.R.G. were recruited. The Binah line-up remains this original and formidable trio of musicians.

In 2012, Binah rocked the global underground death metal scene with their debut album, Hallucinating in Ressurrecture. Few know how best to describe the sounds they were hearing coming from Binah’s debut, but all were agreed that a strange new sound, utterly devastating, unquestionably brutal, was coming from England.

Now the UK-based trio are poised to drop their sophomore record Phobiate, and we’ve got a sneak preview to better prepare you for what’s to come at the end of September.

“‘Dream Paralysis’ is our crawling ode to crippling night terrors that continue to plague us through the ages,” explains Carrier. “Musically and thematically it is the song on Phobiate which most harks back to the oppressive sludge of our debut Hallucinating in Resurrecture, whilst retaining the cleaner lines of this new album. Tap in, tune out and be crushed by this slab of death metal.”

“Dream Paralysis”

Get Phobiate September 28th from Osmose Productions.