Texas Parents Charged with Child Endangerment After Leaving 11-Year-Old to See Godflesh

Photo: Jonathan Pushnik

Seeing a concert has has plenty of logistics to figure out: tickets, flights if it’s an out of town show and, if you’re a parent, childcare. Ignoring that last bullet can bear some pretty steep consequences, as two Texas parents are learning. The two, John Guerrero and Virginia Yearnd, are being charged with child endangerment after allegedly leaving their 11-year-old home alone overnight to see industrial metal titan Godflesh in Detroit, Michigan, according to the Detroit Metro Times.

Police responded to the house after a call from the child’s great aunt, who said the parents had left on August 22 and did not plan until returning until late at night on August 24, ABC13 reported. The parents were arrested on Monday night and face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

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