Full Album Stream: Blight House – “Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre”

First things first: Blight House‘s Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre is not a pornogrind album, nor is it loaded with misogyny and other such topics. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to talk about Summer Camp Sex Party Massacre, an album loaded with enough slams, blasts and ways to describe disembowelment to last you a lifetime. If you’re into gory, brutal death metal, Blight House have a unique take on the sound, throwing in bits of grind and enough horror samples to keep things fresh.

“You know why murder rates go up in the summer?” the band asks Decibel. “Because it’s fucking hot and everyone’s pissed. Your feel-good summer jams are a lie. The spray of warm viscera from a fresh kill only fuels the rage when the humidity hits 100%. But did you know fresh human entrails are the equivalent of SPF 666? So, go out. Get mad. Stay mad. Once your summer slaycation begins, you’ll never want to leave…because we won’t let you.”

Blight House is out tomorrow on Nefarious Industries. You can purchase it at the Bandcamp link above.