Track Premiere: Valdrin – ‘Tempest Torn Asunder’

Based in Cincinatti, Ohio, Valdrin are a four piece black/death metal band whose entire concept is based around a mythology of their own devising. That alone should clue you in to the level of creativity and inspiration we’re dealing with here. And yet there’s really no preparing you for the solar flare combustibility of every single song on Two Carrion Talismans, Valdrin’s sophomore album.

Valdrin began in 2010 and four years later released their debut album, Beyond the Forest, to much critical acclaim. But with Two Carrion Talismans they demonstrate that they’re ready and more than apt to ascend to the next level. As sprawling as it is memorable, this is one of those records that will surprise you each new time you jam it. So it will come as little surprise when Two Carrion Talismans starts dominating playlists and, eventually, best of the year lists. Two Carrion Talismans nails the perfect combination of incendiary and unique riffs, high energy drumming, scathing vocals, and explosive song compositions.

Says Carter Hicks, Valdrin’s guitarist/vocalist/synthist: “This track ‘Tempest Torn Asunder’ is the second single released from our upcoming sophomore album Two Carrion Talismans. This album will be a prequel to the events of our first album. This story will be based around the Antagonist, Nex Animus, and his creation of the Orcus netherworld in which the events of the first album take place. Be prepared for a much darker, heavier, and overall more villainous album than its predecessor.”

“Tempest Torn Asunder”

Get Two Carrion Talismans September 28th from Blood Harvest.