Full Album Stream: Teloch Vovin / Grave Gnosis – “Transmissions”

Grave Gnosis

The Transmissions split from USBM entities Teloch Vovin and Grave Gnosis is a meeting of two relatively unknown acts, but it is a fitting pairing indeed. Both atmospheric in sound and focused on a greater power, Teloch Vovin and Grave Gnosis contribute a song each to the split.

Teloch Vovin contribute “Treatise On The Left Emanation,” a fervent, all-consuming slab of black metal that consumes the listener in a raw, swirling void.

“’Treatise on the Left Emanation’ is a sonic Hymn to the Sacred Khaos, a ritual in musical form invoking the adversarial forced of the Void before creation and an expression of our interaction with the primal energies as they have manifested within and around us,” the group offers.

Grave Gnosis’ contribution to Transmissions is the 12-and-a-half minute “Ravenmocker,” a tribute to the powerful figure in Cherokee mythology, riding waves that come and go with blast beats and buried melodies.

“‘Ravenmocker’ is a hymn of praise unto the dark spirits of Native American lore,” Grave Gnosis state. “Those who have traversed paths unknown and come to reside in the world between worlds. Through this sonic offering we call to them to guide us as we take our first steps toward the throne of Death.”

Combined, Transmissions is a powerful tribute to death. You can pre-order it from Grave Gnosis or Teloch Vovin.

Teloch Vovin