Track Premiere: Cemetery Urn – ‘Down the Path of the Dead’

In less than a month’s time, Melbourne’s Cemetery Urn will release their fourth album, Barbaric Retribution. Featuring members of Abominator, Ignivomous, and Bestial Warlust, Cemetery Urn are now a four-piece. Barbaric Retribution introduces new vocalist S. Geoffery, with remaining members A. Gillon on guitar/bass, M. Crossingham on drums, and D. Macccioni on lead guitar.

Regarding the line-up change, A. Gillon has said, “I knew [Geoffery] was capable of total unchained barbaric hatred, but the vocals recorded on the new album went beyond our most brutal expectations. There’s definitely some continuity from the Bloodstorm era of Cemetery Urn to the new era of Barbaric Retribution! The decision to continue as a four-piece will enable Cemetery Urn to get back on the road again and continue to brutalize metal maniacs worldwide!”

Otherwise, Barbaric Retribution is nine tracks of exactly what it claims to be . . .

As for today’s track premiere of “Down the Path of the Dead,” Gillon says: “Everything must take its course, steps must be taken to prevent chaos. Cults sacrifice their weakest members of the group to prevent chaos through the universe.  ‘A morbid collection of the damned.’ The conversion of energy never disappears, it just transforms into something else. Therefore human sacrifice allows the wasted energy from a wasted individual back into the universe to become something better.

Stray from the path and you’ll end up dead!!!”

Get Barbaric Retribution August 17th from Hells Headbangers.