Full Album Stream: Hate Diplomacy – “Rant”

Brutal death metal unit Hate Diplomacy—featuring ex-Waking the Cadaver vocalist Don Campan—released their demo in 2016, picking up attention and playing live shows with bands across the death metal and slam subgenres. With their new full-length, Rant, Hate Diplomacy have come into their own as an unstoppable, slamming force.

The second track (first if you don’t count the intro), “The Beheading of Kings,” sets the tone for the album. Low, slow slams start it off before kicking into the next song, “Believe in Yourself,” the first with Campan’s vocals. From this point on, Rant is a crushing blend of blast beats, slams and deep, guttural roars.

“After 10 years of hard work and dedication this album is finally here!” Campan excitedly tells Decibel. “We could not be more excited to stream it here first. Thanks to the guys and girls at Decibel for giving us the platform. This album means the world to us and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it! There are deep messages in every song accompanied by punishing grooves and hardcore-influenced death.”

Hate Diplomacy will officially unleash Rant tomorrow, but Decibel is streaming the album in full below. You can purchase it through the band here.