Video Premiere: Frayle – “Let the Darkness In”

Frayle‘s take on doom is hypnotic. Instrumentally pulling inspiration from acts like Sleep, Kyuss and Chelsea Wolfe, singer Gwyn Strang adds vocals that seamlessly blend into Frayle’s music without ever leaving the foreground. The song “Let the Darkness In,” with a new video we’re debuting today, is heavy, dark and haunting, matched with equally dark video.

“Like most of the lyrics on The White Witch, lyrics to ‘Let the Darkness In’ have a thinly veiled duality,” Frayle explain to Decibel. “Gwyn writes of being in love with someone who keeps breaking her heart, but the unfortunate pull is strong, and she keeps letting him back in. Being disappointed in the hypocrisy of the religion in which she was raised and turning to a craft outsiders thought dark is a constant undertone and comes through very clearly in ‘Let the Darkness In.'”

The White Witch is out now on Seeing Red.