Track Premiere: Shed the Skin – ‘Serpentspawn Upheaval’

Shed the Skin broods in the shadows of its members’ other bands. Drummer Kyle Severn is, indeed, that Kyle Severn (Incantation, ex-Acheron). Ed Stephens of Ringworm plays bass. Ringworm’s guitarist, Matt Sorg, plays guitar alongside FaithXtractor’s Ash Thomas, who also breathes hellfire in Shed the Skin. But when they come together for Shed the Skin, the result is dark and masterful death metal.

We of Scorn, Shed the Skin’s second album, comes out July 27th on Hells Headbangers. Today we’re excited to bring you an exclusive premiere of a new track, “Serpentspawn Upheaval.”

Says Incantation’s Chuck Sherwood, who writes all of Shed the Skin’s lyrics: “’Serpentspawn Upheaval’ lyrically is an idea I had of a cult in tribute. Devotionally they served a meshing of the Hydra of Greece and the Naga of India.”

Get We of Scorn July 27th from Hells Headbangers.