Track Premiere: Abhorrence ‘Anthem for the Anthropocene’


“Anthem for the Anthropocene” is the first Abhorrence track since 1990. Not that it’s taken the Finnish veterans 28 years to come up with the follow-up to the mighty Abhorrence 7″ (Seraphic Decay). They’ve been busy in bands like Amorphis, Ajattara, Rytmihäiriö, and Paradise Lost over the last three decades. But now Abhorrence, following an ultra-brutal reformation gig at the 2013’s Tuska Festival, have returned. The blood-soaked, pestilential past is alive!

Says Tomi Koivusaari to Decibel: “Ever since we played those first reunion shows for the compilation album in 2013, it felt great to play together and we never really quit after that. When the live album finally came out and we decided to play few gigs to support its release, it was kind of weird to play the same old tracks all over again. We had some song ideas waiting to be worked on, so it was basically just getting into gear and doing it. And if you are making new material, why not record it.”

As for new MCD Megahyrdothalassophobic, coming in September 2018 Svart Records, it’s a modern continuation of the Abhorrence 7″. Lyrically and thematically, the title refers to fear of underwater objects, pulling in some of the H.P. Lovecraft’s concepts and merging them with ecological philosopher Timothy Morton. The end-time message then follows through with Abhorrence’s primitive death metal approach.

Say Abhorrence: “‘Anthem for the Anthropocene’ is an anthem for a dying planet, for a species in mid-catastrophe. We think the stars are about right and want you to greet the arrival.”

Indeed, time to awaken the guardian!

** Abhorrence’s ultra-brutal new MCD, Megahyrdothalassophobic, is out September 14th, 2018 on Svart Records. Pre-orders will be available HERE shortly.